Suriname Indigenous Health Fund (SIHF)



Your tax-deductible donations help to fund the work of SIHF. Click the icon below to donate through our fiscal sponsor, Alliance for Global Justice, which extends its non-profit status to SIHF for donations and tax purposes. Your credit card statement will show Alliance for Global Justice as the merchant. Thank you for your generous contribution.

Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to support the work of SIHF. Signing up for a recurring gift is a great way to help SIHF by providing steady, reliable funding for ongoing programs through a monthly or quarterly donation. It's easy to set up with the following instructions.

  • Go to our Fiscal Sponsor donation page
  • Select Suriname Indigenous Health Fund (SIHF) in the "Choose a Project" field
  • Select an Amount
  • Select "Make this donation recurring"
  • Fill in your credit card information and your personal info
  • Click the Donate Now button at the bottom of the page

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